There are several steps involved in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Although the process is meant to be fairly straightforward, this does not mean it is wise for a person to go through the process alone. One of the biggest difficulties in filing for bankruptcy is filling out the required forms that must be submitted to the court. To ensure the process proceeds as smoothly as possible, it can be beneficial for a person to hire a Springfield bankruptcy lawyer.

These are the steps involved in filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

A person who is filing for Chapter 7 must first go through credit counseling from a creditor that has been approved by the United State’s Trustee Office. The credit counseling must have been carried out within six months prior to filing. Failure to go through the required credit counseling will result in a person’s bankruptcy case being dismissed.

There is a packet of forms that must be filled out completely before the court will consider a person eligible for bankruptcy. An attorney will help with the process of filling out these forms so a person can be sure everything is filled out correctly and submitted as required. Having an attorney help in the process will help a person to avoid delays or denials.

After the paperwork has been filed, a court-appointed trustee takes over the bankruptcy. It is the job of the trustee to go over the paperwork and seize any non-exempt property. Non-exempt property is liquidated to pay off some or all of the debts that are owed.

A 341 meeting is held with the creditors the person owes.

A person’s eligibility for filing chapter 7 is determined by the court.

Non-exempt property of value is sold.

Before the bankruptcy discharge occurs, a person must attend a debtor’s education course to help prevent them from returning to debt.

The person receives a discharge and their bankruptcy case is closed.

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